Social Media Coaching with @sabrinathehairwitch by Kelly Cardenas

Social Media Coaching with @sabrinathehairwitch

A social media training course on how to turn 200 followers into $100,000 behind the chair.

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In this four week program, we take the focus off of insta fame to socially known. I'll walk you through how to use social media to turn a small local following into real dollars - $100,000 behind the chair, to be exact.

After learning how to track your progress and analytics, we'll get into the fun stuff of how to throw a successful social event! This will not only boost your brand online, but explode your local business! If you're ready to elevate yourself, your brand, and your local community involvement, this is the program you've been waiting for.

Week 1
We dive right into your goals and breakdown how to use and understand your social platforms.

Week 2
We not only track your progress but dissect your content. How does the rest of the world view your brand?

Week 3
Week three is all about how to become the talk of your town, locally and online! We'll show you how to turn your chair into a venue for a successful social and influencer event!

Week 4
This week is all about the money. You'll learn how to take these new practices and turn them into real revenue, while also learning how to manage a new savings plan - all from 200 followers.

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My purpose in life is to leave this world better than the way I found it, and through these webinars, courses, and coaching I feel I can help others live their best lives!