The 7 P's of Success by Kelly Cardenas

The 7 P's of Success

The 7 P's of Success


This course focuses on 7 key elements that you can apply in your life that will help you achieve anything you're striving for. These techniques and ways of thinking were developed through years of studying the habits of super performers in many different fields. During this course there are actionable take aways you can start using today to change the way you think about your success.

Throughout my life I have had the incredible fortune to be in the presence of so many more successful than myself. Seeing these ultra-performers up close in action has allowed me to study their habits and actions in order to apply them to my own life. Today, I want to share them with you
-Kelly Cardenas

What's included?

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7 P's Introduction
2 mins
1 Purpose Study Guide
156 KB
1 Purpose
3 mins
2 Passion Study Guide
287 KB
2 Passion
4 mins
3 Perception Study Guide
366 KB
3 Perception
4 mins
4 Principals Study Guide
122 KB
4 Principals
4 mins
5 Practice Study Guide
253 KB
5 Practice
3 mins
6 Perseverance Study Guide
125 KB
6 Perseverance
3 mins
7 Personality Study Guide
96.5 KB
7 Personality
4 mins
My purpose in life is to leave this world better than the way I found it, and through these webinars, courses, and coaching I feel I can help others live their best lives!